Where To Buy Yacon Syrup

Where To Buy Yacon SyrupAfter Dr. Oz’s big announcement of his latest super-food discovery, Yacon syrup has apparently become scare on health food store shelves across the country.

The syrup is extracted from the Peruvian tuber Yacon and contains 30 – 50 percent fructooligosacharides (FOS) FOS has been determined to be a prebiotic essential to good gut health, a super low calorie sweetener and an excellent source of fiber. Besides Yacon syrup, asparagus, bananas and garlic good sources of FOS.

Since many people are having a difficult time sourcing Yacon in any form locally – even in the more metropolitan areas – there is always the internet! It may not be very easy to find and somewhat on the expensive side. We find that Amazon carries a couple of different brands of the syrup as well as dehydrated Yacon itself.

The websites for Lucky Vitamin, Genesis Today and iHerb are still currently offering Yacon syrup in stock as does Essential Living Foods. At the time of this writing, Yacon syrup was in stock and ready to ship. Things change, however, so you might have to do a little searching to make your purchase.

Be sure you are purchasing from a source with a great reputation. When unknown sources start aggressively marketing the latest health product, you may find something that barely resembles the item you originally purchased.

Yacon syrup can be found in health food stores. If you can find it locally, you’ll not only be supporting local business but you’ll be avoiding shipping charges and delays. Be sure to purchase 100% pure Yacon syrup.

The active ingredient in Yacon syrup, FOS, is available and can be taken as a supplement. These are considerably less expensive than Yacon syrup, although if you’re looking for a sweet treat, Yacon syrup could be your new go-to when taming your sweet tooth.

How Much Should I Expect To Pay?

Depending on the outlet from which you are purchasing, you could spend $12 or you could spend $50. Or you could buy it buy the gallon for $200. Your mileage may vary.

Are There Alternatives?

As far as an alternative that is a sweetener without the side effects of other sweeteners and the benefits of Yacon syrup – no, there isn’t. Some folks choose to simply purchase FOS capsules at a much lower cost. These are available also through the sources cited above.

What can you do with it?

It has a deeply rich caramel-like flavor. The flavor has also been compared to apples, jicama, raisins or figs. Use it just like you would agave nectar, molasses, honey or maple syrup. Oatmeal, pancakes – either regular or gluten free – and yoghurt all benefit from a drizzle of Yacon syrup. Swirl some in your tea or coffee or add it to your next baking adventure. You can substitute it in any recipe calling for molasses, honey or agave. Bear in mind, though, that it is slightly less sweet that any of these.

At The End Of The Day…

While some studies have been conducted and some opinions have been formed that Yacon syrup may provide certain health benefits, more studies need to happen. Bear in mind that the one study that Dr. Oz cited was conducted in 2009. Yes, he did have five of his peers evaluate the findings. Yes, he has looked at other research, but the picking as far as viable studies and proof of the benefits is rather slim at this time. It has not yet been studied extensively and further studies will undoubtedly provide much more information about the effectiveness of the product.

Purchase locally or from known, trusted sources, and only buy 100% pure Yacon syrup.

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